Recent Visitors

The Laboratory of Disease Ecology and Biogeography received researchers from the College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University.

Manuel Jara and Alba Frias visited our laboratory to design research projects and give guest lectures in the 2018 course of Disease Ecology.


My research focuses on the occurrence of biodiversity in space and time from an ecological perspective, including anthropogenic drivers, biotic interactions, and environmental change. I use biogeography and macroecology for the understanding of the distribution of biodiversity, including pathogens, under diverse land use and climate conditions.

Research interests

I'm particularly interested in disease ecology, biological conservation, invasion biology, spatial ecology, and ecosystem health.



My network
I collaborate with colleagues from diverse disciplines and institutions. I'm always interested in new collaborations, particularly from fields of biogeography, phylogenetics, epidemiology, and ecological modeling.

Hi all these are my interests!

Current projects

I'm currently involved in projects focused on assessing biodiversity distributions accounting by the complexities of host-parasite interactions. 

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